About Us

A global company with a simple thought to create professional hair products for women to use without any hassle allowing everyone to have a simple and easy way to reach their desired look. Aiming to blossom to create the full beauty spectrum.

Cherry & Berry is a new player in the Egyptian hair care market since January 2020.
Providing each woman with high-tech, premium quality products that would help her target audience to be always satisfied, looking vibrant and unique.


Our vision is to create the perfect mixture of quality and accessibility and create a skin and hair hub for every woman out there.

By providing easy-to-use products with perfect, professional, and fast results.


Our mission is to simplify every woman’s life, by choosing and developing the most essential products for women in their everyday use.

Also, developing the latest technologies in each product is very important in reaching our goal and being pioneers in developing products with technologies that minimize the hair damage caused by heat. All this is done through an accessible brand that would help them in creating a look that would satisfy them.


Expanding our products to create a hair care hub for each woman in Egypt. 

To be the “Go To” brand when looking for skin and hair products, beauty tips, and what’s trending in the hair and skin world! 

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